Loosing level´s and XP - PunkBuster not Enabled!?

If you lost your ADMIN level then post here.
Do NOT join servers and ask |fun|Admins| to set your level OR they will have to !ban you for asking admin.

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Loosing level´s and XP - PunkBuster not Enabled!?

Post by fun-Ruby » November 26th, 2009, 12:50 pm

There is not always needed to set your level back.
Before you post in this section then one of possible reasons why you lost your level is that Punkbuster is not Enabled or with some reason it has disabled itself and simply need re-enable.

So if you don´t have any reason lik you re-installed your Enemy Territor or formated your Personal Computer and out of nowhere youre level is gone.
Confirm that your Punkbuster is Enabled.
To do and check if it is Please read this topic:
All members Read: GUID
PS! GUID is line of text which consists of letters and numbers and is given by PunkBuster.

And also is very important that you secure your ETkey by coping it to another folder.
How to do that read this:
Secure your ADMIN level AND XP points !!!
Applogizes for my inactivity.
Thanks for understanding, kind regards!


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