Motivation Fitness Training

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Motivation Fitness Training

Post by fun-Edve » July 12th, 2013, 2:45 pm

Best speech ever! Never give up ! Reach your goals. :)

Dear hard work I used to hate you
When you called my name I heard it but ran away from you
When I knew you were coming I used to hide from you
When you influenced others to talk to me i quickly made excuses to get away from you
Afraid of the pain because i didn't want to get HURT
Afraid to FAIL so i didn't even try
And afraid of your name because of what you've done to others
Who do you think you are making me so afraid of who you are

When they say that I CAN'T and count me out I show them that I can
When I tell them about my dreams and they laugh I make sure I laugh last
I'm a dream chaser that means I chase my dreams no one elses
Only I can defeat me it's me against this work I but on me
There's no losing
I will not lose
I came this far and i'm not stopping now (...)
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