Who want a Fight ?

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Who want a Fight ?

Post by fun-PrIsOn » January 19th, 2010, 9:42 pm

Hello everyone,
This Message is to Fireteam's Leader and Founder.

We ( M3D Scrimteam),
want to Fight agains't Every Fireteam that want to fight Agains't us.

We are more than ready to have a Nice fight on Our Server.
/Connect M3D.funclan.net

So, if anyone is Interested and think that he can beat us,
Feel free to PM me on Forum and I will be more than Happy
to Organize everything for the Fight/Scrim match
(Rules, Hour, Server, ETC)

I'm awaiting for your Pm :)

Thank you,


NOTE by |fun|SecurityTeam|: Ungrateful Liar, backstabber, Recruiting our members for a clan, he startedby MORE than a month a go.(03-2010)

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