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All the information about the 1st stage of the tournament.
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Tennis Schedule

Post by fun-GaRa » March 28th, 2013, 10:10 pm

You can find the Schedule of the matches below:

List of matches:
Round 1
Pink Panters vs Rotten Pirates
11.05.2013/ 19 (7 PM) GMT
Rotten Pirates vs Silver Bullets
18.05.2013/ 19 (7 PM) GMT
Silver Bullets vs Pink Panters
19.05.2013/ 18 (6 PM) GMT

Round 2
Rotten Pirates vs Pink Panters
01.06.2013/ 19 (7 PM) GMT
Pink Panters vs Silver Bullets
02.06.2013/ 18 (6 PM) GMT
Silver Bullets vs Rotten Pirates
08.06.2013/ 19 (7 PM) GMT

If you are uncertain about the timezones you are at and the time differences,
then here is a quick guide:
In GMT times +/- X shows how many hours you need to add/subtract to/from the given GMT time, where X is the number of hours that need to be added/subtracted.

GMT -> UK, Portugal, Iceland
GMT+1 hr -> Central Europe (Spain, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic etc)
GMT+2 hr -> Eastern Europe (Finland, Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece etc)
GMT+3 hr -> Western Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Western Africa
GMT+4 hr -> Oman, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
GMT+5 hr -> Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
GMT+5 hr 30 min -> India, Sri Lanka
GMT+6 hr -> Kazakhstan, Bangladesh
GMT+7 hr -> Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia
GMT+8 hr -> Philippines, Eastern Australia
GMT+8 hr 30 min -> Central Australia
GMT+9 hr -> Western Australia, Papua New Guinea

GMT-3 hr -> Western Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Greenland
GMT-4 hr -> Central of South America (Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, East of Brazil)
GMT-5 hr -> USA/Canada Eastern Time, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru
GMT-6 hr -> USA/Canada Central Time, Mexico, Central America
GMT-7 hr -> USA/Canada Mountain Time, North-West of Mexico
GMT-8 hr -> USA/Canada Pacific Time
GMT-9 hr -> Alaska

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