Tennis Statistics

All the information about the 1st stage of the tournament.
Introduction, current progress, stats, etc.

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Tennis Statistics

Post by fun-GaRa » March 28th, 2013, 10:18 pm

Below you may find the Statistics of the Tennis Stage.
Updated weekly,
last edit 10.06

ROGER FEDERER (most kills - kills/ matches played)
1. 239/4 |fun|One|
2. 178/4 |fun|GaRa|
3. 167/3 |fun|NukeEm|

SERVICE ACE (LETHALITY RATE - shows how many hits you need for a kill [total amount of hits/kills)
1. 1.84 |fun|One| (4)
2. 1.91 |fun|Kliste| (4)
3. 2.01 |fun|NukeEm| (3)

(DNF 1.82 Mr.Owl (1))

NOVAK DJOKOVIC (best k/d - kills/deaths)
1. 1.82 kpl |fun|NukeEm| 3 matches
2. 1.73 kpl |fun|One| 4 matches
3. 1.33 kpl |fun|LeXus| 1 match

(DNF 2.92 kpl Mr.Owl 1 match)

kpl - kills per life

Note - Mr.Owl not counted into final stats, because the tournament is for |fun|members|.
Owl's performance is recorded, but since he left the clan during the matches, his stats have been recorded,
but not ranked into the final statistics board.

League of |fun| Organizing team
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