Sniper Introduction & Rules

Initial information about the 2nd stage of the tournament.

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Sniper Introduction & Rules

Post by fun-GaRa » March 24th, 2013, 7:08 pm

This is the official information regarding the Sniper stage of League of |fun|.

Sniper is the second stage of League of |fun|.
All the matches are to be played in League of |fun| Scrim server.
Matches in this stage are ALL to be played 3v3

2 maps are to be played, both for 15 minutes.

Oldskool SniperRon Sniper Ruine

(If you don't have the maps, you can download them by clicking on their names above.

The team with the highest total kill count will win
    -in case of equal amount of kills, the accuracy on the last map will decide the winner
General Sniper rules are in effect.
By the end of the each map, each participating player is REQUIRED to provide a screenshot of his/her k/d and accuracy rate
to [url]this topic[/url]. (alternatively you may post a demo of the whole game)

League of |fun| Organizing team
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