Fireteams/ Scrimteams reform

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Fireteams/ Scrimteams reform

Post by FT & ScT » June 3rd, 2013, 3:49 pm

Since we are experiencing a downturn at this time period, we have decided to reduce the fireteams and scrimteams of fun.
All Leaders of the current Fire- and Scrimteams have been notified of this reform today.
In the next 2 week period (from 03.06 - 17.06) all Fireteams and Scrimteams have their chance to prove worthy of staying in effect by being active.

All Fireteams and Scrimteams who will not be able to meet the following criteria in the following week will be closed*:
- Arrange AT LEAST 1 attended training, where AT LEAST 50% of the team will be present.
- Have AT LEAST 1) FT: 5 active members; ScT: 7 active members.

If your team will end up closed, we offer an opportunity to create/join a new Fireteam/Scrimteam.

The criteria in order for the creation of a new team is as follows:
1) 8 ACTIVE members
2) Creation of active trainings/meetings.
To create a new team, contact GaRa or One.

* - with the exception of Trickjumping teams.

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