Application for NEW Fireteams

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Application for NEW Fireteams

Post by FT & ScT » August 3rd, 2012, 4:35 pm

If You are interesed to create NEW Fireteam, You have to be atleast General Recruiter (560) or higher.
For creating a Fireteam, You have to write application with required information Regarding to §6. Applying or Creating NEW Fireteam or Scrimteam;
  • Name of team (Tag + introduction)
  • Which Server You will represent
  • What kind of team You will be? (Frag, Sniper, TrickJump, Panzer, ...)
  • List of members who will represent team:
    • Founder
    • Recuiter
    • Members
      Note: To start a Fireteam You need to have 1+5 person, if You have less then 6 person in team, Your application will not be approved.
  • Avatar for sub-forum.
    Team have to create avatar for own sub-forum
    which resolution MUST be 228x58. (Example of Avatar to download)
  • Your Team forum Moderator

Your application will be approved only when You have followed all requirements written in §6 and with Fireteam/Scrim Team General Leaders FULL agreement.

Fireteams with low activity for more than six(6) months and with less than five(5) members(Founder/Leader, Recruiter + 3 Members), will be closed.
If a Fireteam Leader Quits Clan or is Kicked/Banned, his/her leadership will be given to next highest rank admin in Fireteam. If there are more than one person over General Recruiter rank(560) in team then first Selection will be the person who is listed higher in Fireteam Roster.
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