Help pls got banned

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Re: Help pls got banned

Post by -Andy » July 13th, 2011, 8:13 pm

fun-GaRa wrote:EDIT:
After watching the demos all that I can say is that this is no sufficient proof to blame the player of wallhack usage.
In these demos I see no indication to wallhack usage, so I strongly recommend to unban this player.

fun-Andy wrote:I am posting moments where I think we can find that he is using WH.

    *1 The moment from demo0005

Please look on this part of the demo.
Before he came there, he was going to allies place. But after he turned and killed him.
This was little suspicious for me because I would like to know How he knew he was there?
Because without WH he could not see him behind the wall.

    *2 The moment from demo0006

This was little suspicious for me too.
He went there, waited maybe maximally 3 seconds and after went away.
I am sorry that I will say it like this but I think he was waiting there because he was looking behind walls if someone is there.
Maybe I am wrong.


About those particular moments:

He ran towards the allied spawn point
as you might had noticed before by watching the demo,
then he does check the corners occasionally when he goes through such places.

And also,
when watching the demo I couldn't help from noticing that you could actually see that player
in the matter of fact even hear sounds of him.
To prove what I just said I can provide this screenshot,
which is taken moments before he decided to check that "corner".

About the sound, well that you can check by watching the demo.

What you said can only be approved by someone who has wallhack him/herself,
so he/she can confirm if there was a player coming that way or not.
Otherwise that is just a conjecture which is not supported by any sufficient proof.
To be honest than during that map,
I myself use the same technique of waiting enemies to appear from the other end of the tunnel/coridor,
so knowing that we are dealing with an above average player in this case,
I find it much more likely that he was just waiting for sumone to appear in hope rather than in expectation.

So, unless there are other points you wish to be explained,
then I suggest to unban this player, as he is known by many
and from the amount of XP he has in Gold server,
he can be concidered as someone who likes our server
and enjoyes playing with us


GaRa thank you for your great post,
now I know I am wrong.

I'm sorry to Nomine and others.

player |Nomine| is UNBANNED.
Have fun in Gold.



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