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Re: ban

Post by fun-KaNi » May 20th, 2010, 3:51 pm

fun-Blade wrote:Dont you think its to much...
To ban some one from first time he say "i go to other server bad players here",
Wow isn't that to much fast ?...
And saying "bad players here" is insult,
maybe others like me wont see this as big deal.
You know there is !kick !mute and !ban not only !ban...

Like VeKE said everyone has their own way to use their commands,
as far its fair.
And this ban IS fair.
He is member and should know that's insulting,
and result in punishment.
Also for someones it IS big deal,
maybe not for you, but for others.
One life, Live It.


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Re: ban

Post by -Blade » May 20th, 2010, 6:10 pm

If evey high admin will do so,
Our servers will have 3-4 players.

fun-VeKe wrote:And its only 20 days,

Ya and in 20 days there is only 480 hours...
fun-KaNi wrote:Also for someones it IS big deal,

Insulting my family that big deal but even if some one do,
I wont ban him for 20days not even for one day for some reason....
warning and muting can always help...
But why,
Why to make it in nice way and show him its not allowed we can always ban,
By muting he may know ok so bad players is insult for them.
My point is
fun-UnDeAd wrote:So always keep the ban option the last option , first try to warn and talk

Now its seem ban is the first option.


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